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With the OsteoAsia academy,

help Yourself,

your Family and Friends .

OsteoAsia biohacking techniques are really easy to learn.

I will show You the Power of your Hands.

Join the team and change your own World.

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Now we can treat a basic low back pain in 15 minutes.

Really easy, You don't need any specific knowledges.

We will teach you all that you need to know.


Contact us to have more information.

Samuel has taught in Asia, India, Africa, Europe, Russia,... 

on the beach, in the mountains, in the jungle,...

in the middle of chickens, in Luxury SPA, Retreats or 5 stars Hotels,

anywhere because it doesn't matter, knowledges must be shared.

Harmony with Ourself, the Others and the Nature is a beautiful way

to find Happiness.

So we support actively different charity organisations since many years and donate 10% of our annual benefits. It's good four our Karma ;)

We help,,,,, etc.

OsteoAsia try to help also our animal friends and offer

free treatments for rescued dogs, cats or others.

Samuel treats dog
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Step by step, day after day and 10 long years of researches, practice, experiments,

we developed a Universal Hand's on Therapy based on movement in accordance with


the OsteoAsia manual biohacking was borned



OsteoAsia manual biohacking

reconnects your Body

to be... ONE

OsteoAsia Biohacking, OsteoAsia, Samuel Terrien, Osteopath France, Osteopath Thailand

The World is crazy busy. So far away from the Nature's Laws.

Very difficult to find a Balance there.

Samuel was a successful Osteopath established since 10 years and well known (2 clinics in France, 4 assistants, worked with elite sportsmen, TV people etc) but... was very frustrated.

He knew that his therapy was not 100% holistic.

He decided to follow his Heart and travelled with his 8 mounths old daughter Justine and his wife to discover the world and the Ancestral Asian Medicines. 

The dream became reality.

As you can imagine, it was not easy but absolutely amazing experience!

He was extremely lucky, met many extra-ordinary people.

He worked with many different famous Healers, Monks, Therapists, Chamans, Witches and medical Doctors.

It was unbelievable experiences... and it continues.

He couldn't imagine that some people in the middle of the jungle have so much knowledges to share.

10 years in Asia changed him for ever. 

To go back to Tradition shows that with an easy natural way it's possible to bring back 

Balance, Health and Harmony just with 2 caring hands.  

OsteoAsia Biohacking, OsteoAsia, Samuel Terrien, Osteopath France, Osteopath Thailand
+66 810 10 18 44
🇫🇷  France call
+33 648 64 60 79
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