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Childbirth can be regarded as the first trauma for a baby. It can affect the good mobility of the skull’s bone joints and cause immediate and future functional disorders 

( check the list below ).


These dysfunctions are easy to sort with the Cranio-Sacral OsteoAsia techniques.

This is a gentle way to help your Baby to feel good and relax.

Release all birth tension

to start a good life

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When to consult an osteopath for your baby?

It's good to check to release birth tensions, headaches just after the birth ASAP, when the Baby sits properly (between 4 to 8 months) and when he walks properly (between 10 to 18 months) to prevent any scoliosis or other.

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At each consultation, we advice various methods to carry your baby, breastfeeding him/her, advice to aid digestion, to evacuate gases or just to relax him/her and many other tips.

Relax Your Baby

in 2 seconds

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If your Baby has the following signs, please consult:

  • cries all the time, shouts and is irritable

  • does not sleep a lot or has disturbed sleep 

  • often regurgitates, has gas 

  • has a flat skull at the back or on the side 

  • always turns his head to the same side or sleeps on the same side

  • arches his back when someone takes him or when he is breastfeeding 

  • always wants to be in the standing position or stands on tiptoes

After a traumatic birth, when:

  • the birth was too long (over 8 hours) or too fast (less than 2 hours) 

  • you've had an emergency caesarean section

  • the baby was born in a difficult position

  • the head was pulled, using forceps, spatulas, vacuum

  • the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck

  • the Baby is prematured (the skull is more fragile)

  • the Mummy's abdomen was pressed to facilitate the expulsion

Happy Baby

Each Baby is Unique so contact if you have any question

+66 810 10 18 44
🇫🇷  France call
+33 648 64 60 79
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