OsteoAsia biohacking

the gentle, natural, delicate and very effective therapy

This innovative new therapy is based on motion and chains reactions generate by a very gentle touch.

It's the perfect alliance of the latest researches in INTEGRATIVE WESTERN SCIENCES and the powerful energy of the ANCESTRAL ASIAN THERAPIES.

It's inspired from Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Nuad Boran, Traditional Osteopathy, Holistic Therapeutic Yoga, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, etc.

We use as well 

Cupping, Activator, Micro-puncture, K-tapping...

Your treatment usually is around 45 min

but can be longer or shorter depends on your case. 

At the end of the treatment, You will get many advices and 2 Holistic Therapeutic Yoga exercises to help You to recover quickly or to maintain your good Health.

Because YOU are UNIQUE 

Your treatment will be UNIQUE

Our Body capabilities are amazing and much more than we can imagine.

Many factors can block our resources and affect our daily life, suck our energy, generate pain or bad mood.

OsteoAsia designed to release all restrictions

and to help You to go back to Health and to enjoy each day of your life.

Liberate your


Usually we can treat most of your biomechanical & functional problems in 1 to 3 sessions.


Emergency & Prevention

 Live pain-free

Neck pain

Back pain

Tennis &

Golf elbow

Low back



Hip pain

Joints &

Knee pain

Foot & Ankle


Sport injuries 






Stiff shoulders

Muscle spasm


in the arm


in the thigh

Poor Posture


and more...

Prevent & cure acute or chronic pain

WG Top ( White Gradient)

OsteoAsia Lazy Meditation

& Cranio Sacral Therapy 

It's the best way to release all your nervous tensions & balance your body and mind.

You will experiment this new world with guidance of deep meditation. Enjoy it.

This technique is particularly effective with babies, children and sensitive or stressed people.

It's one important part of OSTEOASIA biohacking  and You will feel the benefits immediately at the end of your first treatment. 

The true energetic

Hands Power

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a type of alternative therapy originated from China. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction that facilitates healing with blood flow, detox and Qi.

This ancient technique is used since 3 000 years and helps very well in specific cases.

It's an important part of the Detox and Natural Fast  Weight Loss program as Ancient Asian endermologie treatment.

Boost your energy flow

Micro Puncture

Inspired from an ancient traditional puncture method, we use sometimes the micro puncture to complete your treatment.


This very powerful technique is particularly efficient on tendinitis, muscles spasms or chronic stiffness and absolutely harmless.

Benefits of a dry needling without big needles

Holistic Yoga Therapy

Samuel will advise you only  2 tailored exercises  at the end of your treatment.

These exercises are so powerful that the daily practice is only 1 minute each side.

This routine of 4 minutes will make a huge difference and help you for a very quick recovery.

Keep You fit at home in 4 minutes

Body Posture Expertise

Body posture analysis & adjustment of :

 •  Posture

 •  Balance

 •  Strength

 •  Flexibility

 •  Coordination

 •  Joints mobility

Balance your Body

OsteoAsia Silhouette 

  Natural Fast Weight Loss (NAFAWL)*

  Pure Speed Detox

 * Our most popular & successful program

Get Your dream SHAPE & VITALITY

OsteoAsia Burn Out 

Bring back your smile is very important for Samuel. Really.

Thanks to OsteoAsia Biohacking method, 

many people have been treated successfully


BIOHACK your burn out

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