OsteoAsia Kids

Need to consult for your child when:

  • fell on his/her back, head or buttocks

  • one shoulder is higher than the other

  • doesn't walk properly

  • has curve or X knees (genu varum or valgum)

  • chronic ear infections, recurrent bronchitis, runny nose

  • has often stomachaches or headaches

  • is quick-tempered

  • has difficulties concentrating, and leads a busy​ stressful life 

  • was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

  • has scoliosis

WG Top ( White Gradient)

 To prevent any scoliosis or other posture issue


Your child requires a lot of attention.

OsteoAsia Kids will help kid to release nervous and physical tensions before it becomes a problem.

Children are very active and it's easy for them to loose their body balance.


If you notice any mood, emotional or behaviour changes, please consult.

Strong body for ever !

+66 810 10 18 44
🇫🇷  France call
+33 648 64 60 79
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